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Happiness is amazing...something to consider...

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Happiness...don’t we all want to be happy? Some of my happiest times are with people I love, being near the water, memories that soothe my soul, being firm in my faith, reading, crafting, spending time with my dogs, and honestly my work makes me happy. Reminding you that I am not a counselor, just a person who hopes to make my slice of the world a little better with my God given gifts, let’s have a chat about happiness. I love you all and I hope that this group helps you...mind, body, and soul. I talked to a friend of mine and thank her so much for sharing her work on mindfulness...she has helped me so much with sharing her passion for not just teaching students the academic stuff but also the “people” stuff and the “living” stuff. So thank you Amy Kiehl-Smith for allowing me to use your work.

Forbes magazine was her source for this information and I found the article link to share with you all. It is a quick read and you won’t be disappointed...less than 5 minutes, but it is worth finding something out something new to try in our quest for happiness.

Then, Amy created a chart for her students to consider...maybe this can help someone to sharpen their focus on a good next step. I hope you enjoy this...have a blessed day.

Happiness- I’ll try…

____slowing down to appreciate life’s little pleasures


____ give gifts to other people

____surround myself with the right people

____stay positive

____get enough sleep

____have deep conversations

____help others

____make an effort to be happy

____have a growth mindset


Bradberry, Travis. “Ten Habits of Incredibly Happy People.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 17 Feb. 2017,

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