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Lion and Lamb Fitness Cancellation Policy

Beginning January 1, 2023


Updated cancellation policy:

  • If you are booked for a class, you may cancel up to 3 hours before class on the app or by contacting Jen. After that, the app will not allow you to cancel.

  • If you cancel more than 2 times in a month, inside the 3-hour window, or no-show to classes (excluding family/personal emergencies, inclement weather, or personal or child illness or similar situations), you will be moved to the waitlist for classes for the first week of the following month.

  • Please be aware of the classes that are on your calendar. You will also receive a 24-hour reminder for the classes that you are scheduled for. 

  • In the event that you are moved to the waitlist for frequent (more than 2 in a month, last-minute cancellations, or no-shows), you will be notified the day of class by 4 PM if you are able to attend the class.  You will be able to regularly book classes after that 1 week's waitlist time.

  • If you no-show to a free class, you will lose the opportunity for the class.

  • I do understand that life happens and that we don't always have control and the policy is not set up as a punishment, but rather to consider every member and instructor, so if an emergency comes up, please reach out to Jen at and you will not be charged for the class.


    PERSONAL TRAINING/KID BOXING/1:1 BOXING CLIENTS: The same policy applies, but if you no show to a session, you will be billed for that session, as trainers block of the time and come in specifically for scheduled sessions. 


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